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  Enma Energy has worked for variety of Industries and in association with renowned consultants. Enma Energy has exported its engineering services to countries such as United States, UAE,   Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Nigeria, Mali, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Ivory Coast etc.

  Enma Energy brings together, well trained and experienced engineers and designers with specialization in preparation of design & engineering calculations, layout, plant design and detailed   engineering of equipment and system viz Steam piping design, Tank design, Heat Exchanger design, Civil and structural.

  The company has developed quality consciousness in design and engineering and has worked to the requirements of National and International Standards.

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1 Steam, Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Power Plants    Enma Energy possesses expertise on engineering of thermal and gas based power plants ranging from 0.5 MW to 500 MW capacity. Enma Energy has in-depth familiarity with coal based power plants in selecting/ optimising of equipments (boiler, turbine, fuel handling system, etc.).
   Enma Energy has expertise in engineering of Gas engine / combined cycle gas based power plants.
2 Hydro Power    Enma Energy has extensive expertise in Hydrological and civil engineering which include rainfall data analysis, discharge for power, flood estimates, geological investigations, topographical studies, layout of alt. schemes, optimization of the layout, design of civil structures like weir, power canal, tunnel, surge shaft, penstock, power house, tailrace pool and channel, hydromechanical equipment like gates, stoplogs trash racks, etc., foundation and structural engineering.
   Enma Energy has in-depth expertise in Electromechanical Power studies which involves optimization of head and flows available for power generation, estimation of generation potential, dependability studies, selection of type of turbine, number of units and size of units, electrical system: control relay and metering protection, balance of plant like cooling water system, dewatering system, crane, emergency power, A/C, ventilation, lighting, transmission line and receiving end equipment, plant automation.
3 Solar based Power Plants    Enma Energy has successfully provided expertise in designing solar Thermal Power Plant. Enma Energy successfully integrate the solar technology as an operating model to meet the client requirements. Company focus on innovative solutions that helps client cost-effective, energy-efficient, maximum indigenization.
4 Biomass Power Plants    Enma Energy has designed various Biomass Power Plants. The various type of biomass used is cotton stalk, rice husk, extracted palm fruit bunch, bagase, wood chips and other agricultural waste.
5 Diesel / HFO based Power Plants    Enma Energy has in house expertise in engineering the Diesel/ HFO based power plants. Enma Energy has successfully engineered & commissioned many projects in India and abroad.